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Mission,Vision And Values





To be the HDFC of Rural India.

MRHFL aspires to be the HDFC of Rural India in terms of profitability, growth, employee engagement, trust and awareness that HDFC has gained over the years. As MRHFL has shown initial success in this market and has witnessed constant growth and profits, the company has laid the foundations for being the HDFC of Rural India. To be the largest home loan provider in the country, MRHFL will need to gain at least 1 Million new customers during the year 2017.


Purpose and Values

Our motivation to give our best every day comes from our core purpose: we will challenge conventional thinking and innovatively use all our resources to drive positive change in the lives of our stakeholders and communities across the world, to enable them to Rise.

The values MRHFL believes in are:


The organisation will foster local entrepreneurship within the organisation. This implies that employees will be trusted and hence empowered. At each level/location, employees will be encourages to take decisions in the best interest of the company and the business. Each one of us must agree to be held responsible for our decisions and take each and every decision as if we are taking it for our personal business involving our own money and resources.


We will operate as a team. We have a common vision – a common goal. Our attempt has to be to ensure that we will achieve that goal and the fastest way of doing that is to operate as a team. However good an individual may be, the collective wisdom and efforts of a team will always be superior to his wisdom of efforts.

Risk Mitigation:

A high risk taking ability through appropriate risk mitigation. As an organisation, we are willing to assist customers who are not being serviced adequately by other players. Our focus will be on the customer, his needs and the best possible way to service him without compromising the organisation’s interests.

Customer Centricity:

We will be customer centric and fair and transparent in our dealings. We will reach out to identify our customers, understand their requirements, be empathetic in our dealings and design and deliver our products and services keeping them in mind at all times. We will accord them the highest possible respect, earning, in the process their respect for our efforts.


We will ensure the “highest level of INTEGRITY”. Integrity in turn covers:
  • Financial Integrity: Pertaining to financial/accounting matters
  • Intellectual Integrity: We will always voice our concerns and what we feel is right or wrong
  • Transactional Integrity: Integrity in dealings with others – be they customers or colleagues or any stakeholder


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