Stories and Testimonials

Mr. Kunj Bihari

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

"There is nothing more frightening than not having a secure shelter for one’s family. I can never forget the joy we felt when we shifted into our own house, leaving behind all the harassment and insecurities we had lived with for so many years."

"Living in a rented accommodation was a huge financial burden for our family. To make matters worse, we were often harassed by the landlord. Somehow I managed to save enough money to buy a piece of land in our village, but was left with no money to build a home. My application for a home loan was rejected by several organisations, and my frustration grew."

"When the Mahindra Home Finance team came to our area for a camp, I contacted their Customer Manager. They examined my intentions while judging my capacity to repay the loan. Within just five days of submitting all the required documents, my loan was successfully processed. I received my cheque, and we were able to build our dream house."

"Today, we are no longer at the mercy of a landlord, and live in our own home. A long cherished dream has been fulfilled at last."

" Kunj Bihari, built his first house in Khora Bisal, chomu, in Jaipur, Rajasthan, with a home loan from Mahindra home Finance. "

Mr. Shiv Charan Jhalawa

Location: Madhya Pradesh

Profession: Government Employee

"A resident of sehore, Madhya Pradesh, shiv charan Jhalawa is a government employee who took a home loan."

"I always thought that as a government employee, I would easily get a home loan. But sadly, this was not the case, and I was unable to get a loan, on my terms, from most nationalised banks."

"It was Mahindra Home Finance that came to my aid. Initially, I was confused as I thought the company’s name was “Mahindra Rural Housing Finance Ltd.”. I assumed that they operated only in rural areas, and not urban. But a friend told me to visit their office, and the visit proved to be a pleasant surprise. When I met them, the process they explained to me was quite simple, and the rates of interest were also good. Their executives addressed all my queries in detail, and soon my loan of 3 lakhs was sanctioned."

"I doubt that any other organisation or bank could have given me better services. Today, if anyone talks to me about a home loan, my first answer to them is that they must visit the Mahindra Home Finance office immediately."

Mr. Pradyumansinh

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Profession: Farmer

"Today, my family and I are happily settled in Surat. Our children receive quality education and our future seems bright. As a farmer, this is more than I could ever have dreamed of"!

"Pradyumansinh Vashi moved to surat, gujarat, from his village, after purchasing his house in surat with a home loan from Mahindra home Finance."

"As a farmer, I earned my livelihood through the sale of sugarcane and vegetables. I earned a decent income, and always thought that I would be able to secure a loan if I ever needed one. But I was sadly mistaken!"

"A few years ago, I decided to leave my village and shift to the city of Surat in order to provide my children with a better quality of education. I was so sure that a nationalised bank would give me a home loan that I went ahead and booked a house. I even paid Rs 10 lakhs to the builder as an advance! But my loan application was repeatedly rejected as my only source of income was agricultural income. My dreams were shattered and I had no idea what to do next. "

"The builder soon realised my position was vulnerable and threatened to cancel my booking. As luck would have it, I was referred to Mahindra Rural Housing Finance Ltd. (MRHFL) in the nick of time, and my home loan got sanctioned immediately. Even after I showed the builder a letter stating that the loan had been sanctioned, he refused to believe me! He finally believed me when the Mahindra Home Finance executive spoke to him on the phone. Once the loan amount came through, my property was fully secured. Much to my relief, I was able to shift into the new house without any hassle. I can never thank Mahindra Home Finance enough for what they did for me! My move to the city was made possible by them."

Mr. Parmeshwar shamrao Kadam

Location: Khanapur Phata, Parbhani

"Most banks look for loopholes to reject a loan application, as they don’t want to take a risk. But I was happy to find an organisation which works in the opposite way – they try and find solutions that enable a loan to get processed!"

"I used to run a small tea stall at a location called Vasmat Road in Khanapur Phata village. To increase my sales, I began approaching offices in the vicinity. That is how I first came in contact with Mahindra Home Finance. After starting a business in Parbhani, I decided to purchase a house for my family. The property I liked was valued at Rs 18 lakhs, but I knew I would have to take a loan for at least half the amount. Finally, I managed to sell my ancestral property for Rs 13 lakhs, but still needed funds to pay the balance. When I tried for a loan, not a single bank was willing to help, as I didn’t have proof of a regular income."

"Once, while collecting my monthly payment for tea and coffee, I discussed my situation with a Mahindra Home Finance executive. He asked me to get a guarantor, but I could think of nobody. The executive himself knew me very well and also understood my business. He agreed to take the guarantee of my loan repayment, and my loan was swiftly sanctioned. I was extremely touched by how he went out of his way to help me fulfill my dreams. Thanks to Mahindra Home Finance and the personal interest taken in my case, I was able to buy a house and build credibility for myself in the market as well."

"Parmeshwars hamrao Kadam ran a tea stall in Khanapur Phata, Parbhani, Maharashtra, bought a home for his family with a home loan."

Mr. Avdhesh sharma

Location: Surat, Gujarat

"I was lucky to find a company that considered my problem as theirs and held my hand, guiding me through the process of getting a loan sanctioned"

"Avdhesh sharma, from surat, gujarat, took a home loan from Mahindra home Finance to buy a house."

"What could be a better dream than owning a home? And what could be better than making that dream come true? Even I dreamt of owning a home. I was paying a lot of money as rent and I considered it a complete waste. With my meagre savings, I decided to pursue this dream. Since my savings weren’t enough to make the whole payment, my builder directed me to Mahindra Home Finance and even introduced me to one of their executives."

"The executive guided me through the process of applying for the loan and got it sanctioned without any problem. My family’s dream of living in our own house became a reality. Ever since that time, he has been like a family member. What could be a better example of this, than the time when he came down to share his condolences when my wife passed away? It really touched me."

"Now I am thinking of adding one more floor to my house and whenever I start the construction, I will head to Mahindra Home Finance for help without a second thought. And I know for sure, they will help me instantly."

Mr. Bhanwar Lal Verma

Location: Sehore, Madhya Pradesh

"With my retirement date approaching, not a single organisation wanted to touch my loan application. I ran from pillar to post without any results. It was only Mahindra Home Finance which helped make the impossible possible!"

"Bhanwar Lal Verma is a housing loan customer from sehore, Madhya Pradesh, who built his home when he was nearing retirement, with a home loan from Mahindra home Finance."

"As a government employee working in Sehore, I wanted to build my own house before retiring. As I had only three years of service left, no central or private bank was agreeing to give me a loan."

"Fortunately, I heard that Mahindra Finance also provides housing loans through its subsidiary MRHFL. On visiting their office, I was happy to see that their executive welcomed me respectfully. I explained my requirement and shared my documents with them. I showed him my latest salary slip, and clearly told them about my approaching retirement date. He asked me to wait, and within a few minutes he came back to tell me that my loan had been approved!"

"I was pleasantly surprised! I had been visiting banks for more than six months, without anyone showing the slightest interest in my case, and here my loan had been sanctioned within minutes. The paperwork was simple, and I was even happier when I learnt that they charged an affordable interest rate on the loan. I took a loan of three lakh rupees from them and was able to build my dream house."

"Mahindra Finance supported me in my twilight years, when the chances of getting a loan were extremely bleak."

Mr. Manabhai Ghemabhai Chaudhary

Location: Vadnagar, Gujarat

Profession: Farmer

"More than giving me the loan, what really touched me was the way they treated me with respect."

"What more could a man want than building a safe and beautiful home for his family? Even I had the same dream. Today I live in a fully constructed pucca house with my wife and son. The first time I entered the house was a very special moment. And this moment wouldn’t have come in my life had it not been for Mahindra Finance."

"A farmer by profession, I owned 10 bighas of land. I also owned a couple of milking animals. But my income majorly depended on Mother Nature because the crops I grew were seasonal. Every time nature permitted and we made good money, I used to save up for the construction of the house. As we continued to live in a kachha house made of mud and cow dung, my biggest aim was to build a proper house."

"Once I had saved up a decent amount, I approached some private financial institutions for loan. But I was told they didn’t give loans to villagers like me. I was not only shocked but also felt insulted. I was still determined to realise my dream."

"At that juncture, I heard about Mahindra Finance. With bare minimum documentation and a simple process, they granted my loan application. They also guided me through the entire process and made life very easy. I received 2 lakh rupees, using which I started building my house."

"Manabhai Ghemabhai Chaudhary, a farmer from Khatasana, Vadnagar, Gujarat, struggled to make his dream of a house come true, before taking a home loan from Mahindra Finance."

Mr. Abdulla

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

"I was discriminated against, because of my background. No matter how many problems, I was determined to build my dream home. And I did, when I got the help."

"Being poor and needy in India is not easy. Being a Muslim only adds to your misery. I say this because I have experienced it myself."

"I run an iron work shop in Jaipur. And I had just one dream. To build my house. But despite going to many organisations for help, I didn’t get any. They kept asking me to come the next day, every time till I lost my patience. One organisation even told me I had a negative profile. Negative, just because of my religion."

"I had no money, no help. But I was determined. No one could stop me from building my dream house. I knew there was a way. I just had to keep looking. When I met an executive from Mahindra Home Finance, I found hope. I told him my problem and he assured me that I would get the loan. It wasn’t a fake promise. He truly guided me through the process and got my loan sanctioned within no time"

"My dream home has started taking shape now. My gratitude for Mahindra Home Finance is written on every brick in my house."

"After a long struggle to get finance, Abdulla, from Jaipur, Rajasthan finally got a loan from Mahindra home Finance, to build his house."

Ms. kapilaben Patel

Location: Surat, Gujarat

"Although divorced and dependent, I chose to fight the difficulties of life fearlessly and Mahindra Finance helped me at a crucial time."

"A resident of surat, Gujarat, Kapilaben Patel acquired independence, along with a home loan."

"Life has thrown many challenges at me and every time I have come out stronger. Thirty years ago, I had divorced my husband and moved into my father’s house with a daughter. As she grew up and got married, my son-in-law also moved in with us. As years passed, there were many family problems and I decided to move out of my father’s house and live in my own house"

"Even though I didn’t have any savings, I was confident of getting a loan as I was an employee of the Surat Municipal Corporation. I earned a decent income of 20,000 rupees per month and was sure I could pay the EMIs regularly. But life had another challenge to throw at me."

"I was shocked when no bank or finance company gave me a loan because I was just a ‘safaai kaamdaar’, a Class IV employee. It hurt me deeply when some companies even insulted me because of my job. Even the bank where I held my salary account, refused to give me a loan. I was really distressed because of this, but refused to give up!"

"Thankfully my son-in-law came to know about Mahindra Finance. I visited their office and got a loan within just 15 days. When I held the cheque in my hand, I couldn’t believe it. It was not just a piece of paper with a number written on it. It was my ticket to a free and independent life. A life in which I could live in my own house happily."

Ms. Suresh Sudam Patel

Profession: Agriculturist

"Mr. Suresh Sudam Patel, aged 34 years, is an agriculturist and grows Sugar Cane and Vegetables. He wanted to construct a house for his family on a piece of land he purchased in the village he resides in. Mr. Patel was sure about getting a home loan from local Nationalized banks as he was earning good income and other villagers knew that he was creditworthy. However, when he approached the local banks, they refused to process his home loan as he did not have income on paper and was earning only through Agriculture."

"Through a reference, Mr. Patel learnt that MRHFL provides home loans to people like him in rural areas. MRHFL staff approached him, explained the entire home loan process, and moreover, treated him with respect. This made him extremely happy and he felt he could rely on the company and the staff of the company. He was satisfied and happy with the treatment given to him by MRHFL and so when he needed a loan to purchase a four-wheeler, he decided to take a loan from MMFSL without any hesitation."

"He is thankful to all of MRHFL’s executives and officials for the support he received and is very satisfied with MRHFL’s approach as even after the loan disbursement all his queries are been answered properly."

Mr. Mumutkumar Nath

Location: Surat, Gujarat

Profession: Manager

"I felt insulted as banks did not believe I was earning a good salary due to lack of documents. But MRHFL helped me out. They quickly sanctioned and disbursed my home loan which helped me getting the possession of the house."

"Mr. Mumutkumar nath from surat is living his dream of owning his dream by taking a loan from Mahindra home Finance."

"Mr. Mukutnath, works with a private loom as a Manager and earns a good salary of Rs. 20,000. He has been working for 4 years and was staying on rent in Surat. His main ambition was to own a house of his ‘own’ where he could live peacefully with his small family. He then booked a house through a builder site and invested all his savings into it. As he was still falling short of money, he approached banks but he was refused a loan as he could not support his claim of income earned as he earns cash salary. He felt insulted that the banks were not willing to believe he was earning a good salary as he did not have documents to prove it. One day, he asked a friend about other options available and his friend suggested that he should try approaching MRHFL. With uncertainty and doubts whether he would get a loan from MRHFL, he approached MRHFL executives."

"Naturally, as he had already booked the house and now faced a problem financing the house, he was extremely worried when he approached MRHFL for the home loan. MRHFL sanctioned and disbursed his home loan and helped him get possession of his house. This gave Mr. Mukutnath a lot of relief and he thanked the MRHFL executive for the support provided to him. He also praised MRHFL staff’s politeness and habit of helping customers through each and every step of the process and patiently answering all queries and doubts that he had. He is now living his dream and is motivated to keep progressing in life!"

Mr. Jitendrakumar Babuldas Prajapati

Location: Vijapur, Gujarat

Profession: Farmer

" I’m a farmer living in Mahudi village which is famous for its Jain temple and prasadam called Sukhadi. Even my ancestors were living in this village and I was brought up here. I own 6 acres of land from which I derive my primary source of income. Few years ago I had taken a loan from Mahindra Finance and purchased a Mahindra Max which I give out on rent to generate some more income as I need to feed my family of 5 that consists of myself, my wife, 2 daughters and 1 son. For years, I had neglected repairing my house because my source of income is not regular and first priority would always be to provide food on the table for my family. Due to the improper roof on my house, water would always leak during the monsoons and it had become a nuisance which, unfortunately, we had learnt to live with. After all, getting a big amount of money for repairing the house was never possible due to the limited income flow. As we are villagers with less banking knowledge, it was impossible to approach banks for loans and moneylenders did not seem like the right option."

" I was paying my EMI regularly on my loan on the Mahindra Max with Mahindra Finance when one day an employee of Mahindra Finance told me the new company has started home loans with the name of Mahindra Rural Housing Finance and I instantly knew I could approach them. The process was not only hassle free but also very easy to understand for me. I am now a proud, satisfied and happy home owner. "

Mr. Gopal bhai Patel

Location: Himmatnagar, Gujarat

Profession: Farmer

" I belong to a family of Agriculturists. We have been in this occupation since decades. My childhood was spent in the same house that my father and his father spent their childhood in. You see, constructing or re-building a house village folk with us. Usually, saving that much money to construct the house in a proper and continuous fashion is a very stressful task if you are doing it
alone. "

" However, as I found out and as more and more villagers are finding out everyday, we have Mahindra Home Finance to help us with one of our most basic need, i.e. Shelter for oneself and his family. When I approached Mahindra Home Finance, I would have never known that someone like me could get a loan given my annual income is not as much as people in cities. However, Mahindra Home Finance’s repayment and disbursement policy have helped me a great lot by giving me the freedom to focus on construction of my house instead of worrying about repayments all the time! By making a new house in the village, my reputation has significantly improved as the house stands as a statement of my credibility and ability to provide a proper shelter for my family. I remember how my childhood was full of instances where we would feel that my old house would fall apart any day. However, with the backing of Mahindra Home Finance, I no longer have to worry about it and the best feeling in the world for me is – my kids do not have to go through the same troubles I went through. I thank Mahindra Home Finance and all their employees for being true friends to us villagers who are often over-looked by financial institutions. I will continue to provide my support to Mahindra Home Finance and I will continue to support my friends and family by referring Mahindra Home Finance to them, so that, just like my dream, even they can accomplish theirs! "

Mr. Arjun Sable

Location: Wakulni, Maharashtra

Profession: Garage owner

" When I (owner of an Auto Garage) asked a Mahindra Home Finance Customer Manager during a Gram Sabha in my village if non-agriculturists could also obtain a Rural Housing Loan, his simple and straight answer helped me realize that I didn’t need to look any further for a Home Loan. He simply replied, “Mahindra Home Finance is the only company in India that will give a home loan based on the ability of the person and his intentions. Also, Mahindra Home Finance doesn’t discriminate on the basis of agriculture or self-employed, we hold everyone to their own virtue and respect the feelings and emotions of Rural India. "

" Initially, I had gone about constructing my house with my own money and could only construct a plinth till I faced some financial difficulty and had to stop construction at that stage. Due to an irregular flow of income and no financial institution willing to help me out, I felt my dream was getting shattered and I would never be able to build my own house. Mahindra Home Finance philosophy of ‘Bande mein dum, Pehchane sirf Hum’ and gave me a home loan that has uplifted my life and helped me realize that there are people out there who care about dreams of others and work relentlessly in ensuring that every villager gets to savor a lifetime in his own house before his breath runs out. I can never thank Mahindra Home Finance enough for transforming my life! "

Mr. Balakrishnan

Location: Erode, Tamil Nadu

Profession: Painter

" As a painter by profession, I have never had enough credibility for Financial Institutions to give me a loan. After being repeatedly turned down, I had lost all hope of finding a legitimate money lending institution to fulfill my dream of constructing my house. I even tried borrowing from local co-operative society, relatives, and friends to get my house construction completed as it had stopped due to insufficient funds. With my daughter’s marriage coming up, building a ‘pukka’ house was my primary objective. As fate would have it, I was approached by a Mahindra Home Finance Customer Manager during his visit to my village. I was amazed at the down-to-earth nature and the willingness to help of this representative. It felt like I was talking to a long-lost friend and not a complete stranger. The Customer Manager explained the details about Mahindra Home Finance services and assured me that he will come back with a positive reply after I had given him my details. For the first time in life, I felt like someone treated me like another ‘human being’ and I felt happy that even ‘a poor villager’ like me can get help from Mahindra Home Finance even though I was in poor-financial condition and not even my friends or relatives were willing to help me out. So, finally when our house was built, we called over the Mahindra Home Finance team and expressed our gratitude to them, which I believe will never be enough even if I told them ‘thank you’ each and every day for the rest of my lifetime. "

Mr. Bhagwan Labade

Location: Erode, Tamil Nadu

Profession: Farmer

“ My Wada (ancestral home) has been a home to my family for decades. The condition was deteriorating and we would face innumerable difficulties during the rainy season. My family consists of my wife and two kids. My son is learning computer, and my daughter is married and is now living in South Korea. However, due to the poor conditions of my house and improper facilities, her husband doesn’t allow her to visit my house. I, being an honest and hard working farmer, faced tremendous difficulties in getting a home loan because financial institutions failed to analyse rural income. However, Mahindra Home Finance came to my village for a Gram Sabha and I instantly knew that they will be willing to help me out. Mahindra Home Finance understood the emotions I had attached with my Wada especially since my father and uncles used to stay here before me and I grew up in this house. "

" Now, I am the happiest man in the world. My son-in-law came with my daughter to live here after the house was constructed. My son is doing well in his studies and is able to focus on his studies without having to worry about the deteriorating condition of the house that will be his one day. I am forever grateful to Mahindra Home Finance for transforming my life and helping me realize my dream. "

" When the house was being constructed, Mahindra Home Finance customer manager and technical officer visited the site for a routine check. They were shocked to see Mr. Labade doing manual labor and constructing his house. On seeing this, our CM inquired why he was doing it himself. Mr. Labade’s answer has ever since been stuck in the memory of our CM and Technical Officer. He politely replied, “When your company (Mahindra Home Finance) can think of the dreams of villagers of owning a home, why can’t I work to complete the dream of my own home.”

Mr. Arvindbhai Jalamsinh Rana

Location: Baroda, Gujarat

Profession: Boiler Attendant

" I work at Amoli Organics Pvt. Ltd. at Padra as a Boiler Attendant. I am living with my wife, my young son and my mother at my native village of Jaspur. I planned to construct a new house 2 years ago but I could only arrange for 3 Lakhs. I still need 1-2 Lakhs more. I approached several nationalised banks, however, stating my salary was not sufficient for me to be creditworthy, they would always turn me down. At that time, a friend who is the milk mandi secretary gave me the reference of a customer manager in Mahindra Home Finance. I was clearly explained the documentation and process involved. "

" It was the first time when I felt I could improve the standard of my living. It is not easy living in a dilapidated house and raising a family. Now, I have completed the construction of my temple. Needless to say, I am forever grateful to Mahindra Home Finance for making this dream come true. But, I hold special respect for them because they have given us a life we only ever dreamed of. It feels like a true accomplishment to have completed the milestone of building my house, and I can now focus on working harder without having to worry about my house. Mahindra Home Finance is a company that truly cares for their customers and this makes it easier for me to reference Mahindra Home Finance to other people who I come across since it’s not just everyone’s dream to build a home, it’s everyone’s right to build a home! "

Mr. Ram Kalyan Balai

Location: Jaipur, Rajasthan

" I always wanted my own plot of land and I successfully managed to purchase it in a village at Bagru after spending all my savings from 15 years of working at a company. I was delighted at this accomplishment as I managed to do what my ancestors could not. However, my happiness was cut short as I did not have enough money to complete constructing my house. I asked my relatives if they knew of any sources to avail loans but they all pointed me towards money lenders who were charging exorbitant rates and I knew I could never trust them if I owed them money. "

" Luckily, I met a neighbor who had constructed his house with the help of Mahindra Home Finance loan and he gave me the reference of an Mahindra Home Finance employee. I called up the Customer Manger and asked when I could visit the Location. He politely replied saying I should not worry about visiting the Location as he would come and visit me in Bagru. I was amazed at his willingness to help and the respect that he gave me. I instantly knew I could trust him and Mahindra Home Finance. Now, my house is complete and I am able to pay the EMIs regularly without having to compromise on providing food for my family. I am a very happy man now and I am grateful to Mahindra Home Finance for helping me accomplish my dream. "

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