MRHFL is among those rare companies that scouts for truly gifted young talent and integrates them into a system that will help them grow. With a diverse employee roster spanning across every facet of the Indian blueprint, we truly are a mix of energies, cultures, lifestyles and communities making MRHFL an interesting and stimulating place to be. It provides you with an environment built on mutual trust, where performance is the only measuring tool, where the practices and processes are built on fairness and transparency. Where you would be given the chance and opportunity to harness your true potential… all this while bringing smiles to thousands of faces. If you have the zeal, the passion and the drive, MRHFL will not hold back in giving you all the support and opportunity you need, nor will it show hesitation in rewarding the deserving.

In today’s times, where the cities are overflowing and saturated to the brim, Rural India provides us with a pot of opportunities, where meaningful and substantial work can be and needs to be done. MRHFL offers you the chance to build a career in what is one of the most promising rural markets in the world, and a totally development-focused culture to grow in. Would you miss this opportunity to be in a profession that allows you to change your life while inspiring change in the lives of those who need it the most? We stay true to the humane objectives with which MRHFL was created, and they continue to be our inspiration in our quest for excellence in people-practices.

MRHFL does not help build houses… it helps build lives…

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